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Kerri Lacher, Owner & Founder

Kerri Lacher
Living Better Interiors


Kerri Lacher, Owner and Founder of Living Better Interiors, has had an extensive and successful career in the Commercial Interiors Industry. Having majored in Fashion Merchandising and Design, Kerri has always sought inspiration through the visual arts. This passion led her to a career filled with opportunities to travel extensively and work in various design focused companies, including  Neiman Marcus, Four Seasons Hotels,  and Herman Miller - the industry leader for high design in the commercial environment.

This unique blend of career experience and passion for beautiful design allows Kerri to engage more deeply with her clients. She takes time exploring with each individual customer what inspires them in color, style and functionality. From there, a design concept is created which blends the customer's vision with classic styles to create a living environment that will transcend time and delight for years to come.

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